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My goal is to be a partner with you, the patient, in preventing cardiovascular disease and treating disease if needed. I believe in practicing medicine using proven evidence-based treatments but at the same time, I know that not all patients are the same and will need individualized care.

Kevin B. DeAndrade, M.D.

The medical field is rapidly changing in many ways. Advances in technology and growth of knowledge in cardiology are challenging to doctors and patients alike. The healthcare system is also rapidly changing, with many unintentional consequences. The doctors of Mobile Heart Specialists are dedicated to addressing these challenges with a small flexible practice that is able to change quickly to meet the needs of our patients and our community.

Noel W. Bedwell, M.D.

I gain a great deal of satisfaction from the challenges presented in the field of cardiology. It is most rewarding to be given the opportunity daily to meet both the medical and personal needs of my patients

Christopher S. Brown, M.D.

Helping people to have healthy hearts and longer lives is my mission here at Mobile Heart Specialists, PC.

Chad M. Alford, M.D.

With the increased availability of medical information in today’s media, the physician’s role in patient education is increasingly important. I treat each patient as an individual and enjoy providing unbiased information for his or her particular condition.

W. Dale Hardy, M.D.

Of utmost concern to me in dealing with patients is treating them with the respect they deserve. Part of that is providing all the information necessary for them to make their own very important decisions about their health care.

Noel W. Bedwell, M.D.
Mobile Heart Specialists

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