Anticoagulation Clinic

Clinic hours:

Clinic visits are by appointment only. For more info call: (251) 435-8563

Mobile Heart Specialists, PC
Coagulation Clinic

Benefits of the Anticoagulation Clinic:

  • The process takes approx. 10 minutes
  • One-on-one contact with the nurse who will answer any questions pertaining to the treatment.
  • Finger stick vs. Venipuncture
  • Instant test results and regulation of Coumadin
  • Individual education by a specialized nurse

Department Hours:

Monday 7:30am to 2:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am to 2:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am to 2:00pm
Thursday 7:30am to 12:00pm

In the event you need to speak with someone after hours, call 251-433-4700.


Anyone on Coumadin is required to come to the office at least monthly to have their INR checked. When you initially start your Coumadin you will need to come to the office more frequently for INR checks, about once a week. As your Coumadin dose becomes more stable, your visits will not be as frequent. This is for your safety to assure your blood is not getting too thick or too thin which may put you a risk for a stroke or bleeding problems. You will also need to be seen by your cardiologist at least annually or more frequently, as recommended.

We request that you keep all scheduled appointments with the coagulation Clinic. If you are unable to keep your appointment or miss a scheduled visit, please call 251-435-8563 to reschedule your appointment. We will make every effort to find an appointment time that fits your needs. Our goal is to see patients at their scheduled time. Coming to the office without a scheduled appointment may result in a prolonged wait for you. All scheduled patients will be seen before walk-in patients.

If you are going to be taking warfarin long-term, ask about home monitoring options.

Taking the medication:
The Coumadin should be taken at the same time each day, preferably in the late afternoon or evening. It should not be taken in the morning on the day of the blood test. If a dose is forgotten, omit this dose if remembered more than 8 hrs later. If two or more doses are missed, notify your doctor. It is not recommended to “play catch up”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Heart Specialists, P.C. developed the Coagulation Clinic in order to assist patients with regulating their Coumadin® levels. The process involves a finger stick, regulation of Coumadin® and scheduling of next coagulation check.

Coumadin® (generic is Warfarin) is a medication that slows the blood clotting process. It is used in persons who have either recently formed a blood clot or are at risk for forming them.

The test must be done once a month after your Coumadin® dose has stabilized. However, if a change is made in your dosage, your blood will be tested weekly until stable. These are general guidelines that are applied to all of our patients. The frequency of testing will also depend on your clinical condition and physician’s recommendations. Those patients who benefit the most from MHS Coagulation Clinic are those who adhere to their medication instructions and scheduled appointments.

Length of time for therapy of patients taking Coumadin varies from patient to patient. For patients with a single episode of blood clots, therapy may last only 3-6 months. In most cases, people with atrial fibrillation, artificial heart valves and/or recurring blood clots will need to take Coumadin for the rest of their lives. MHS Coagulation Clinic offers treatment that is individualized for everyone. As one of the partners in your own healthcare, you are an important part of the decision-making process.